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Bored of this town...internet provide me.this is my place for stuff 25 male, geek and ginger. Born in the devils town of Scunthorpe North lincs the Wet part of the UKwith my awesome girlfriend Liz. i dont own any of this shit on here unless it is of my face or i say its mine


Lucas Lee Movies. The greatest actor of this generation.


i wish they were a real band *sighs*




everyone please watch this video

i don’t think this is right.

true science 

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Park that car

Drop that phone

Sleep on the floor

Dream about me


Deadpool on the Secret Avengers #7 Cover

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Pluto Tumblr Posts photoset

(You’re welcome)

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Just been told I look like Ian Watkins on my ID

I hope they mean the “H” bloke from steps

So far the only blogs to like my pic are

A sweet ass indie brand
Tumblr for gay men
And a porn page for raver girls

Whose Line It It Anyway?: Then and Now

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